Ing. Oľga Chovancová

Ing. Olga Chovancova


Článok – FRIskill Knowledge Base Management System

FRIskill is a knowledge base management system designated for competence management in companies, universities and various other institutions and it allows to search employees by any key competencies or time availability. It is part of a project which is focused on HR and line managers and whose aim is to create possibilities for surveying, evaluating and planning organization competencies so that risks are reduced and efficiency during project acquisition and realization is enhanced. In this paper, the results of the project which have been achieved since 2016 are presented, especially individual parts and a demo version of our developed application. Competencies concept is investigated, the whole FRIskill system and its requirements are analyzed and its architecture is described, including trends in technologies. Displaying a tree of competences and a sophisticated search of employees are considered the most significant features of the FRIskill system. It may be said that FRIskill is able to simplify project planning in universities and other institutions.

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