Ing. Oľga Chovancová

Ing. Oľga Chovancová

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Development of the iKariera Work Portal


The aim of the thesis is the additional development of work portal iKarié built on Grails technology. The portal should serve students and graduates to find work positions. The application supports language mutations to Slovak and English languages. For the project was done a required upgrade from older to a later version because there is a major difference in both versions. There have been implemented new features for the portal, which were accustomed to requirements of IAESTE Slovakia. Application with the final solution of this work has been deployed to the server. Results of this thesis advanced project in its development and brought it closer to its final completion.


Gradle, Grails, Groovy, web application

Bibliografický odkaz:

Boroš F., Chovancova O., ‚Development of the iKariera Work Portal‘, In: Central European Researchers Journal. – ISSN 2453-7314. – Vol.4 Issue 1. – (2018), s. 6.

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Článok napísal Filip Boroš, ktorý zhrňoval obsah jeho bakalárskej práce.

Ja som mu bola vedúca bakalárskej práce, a ako aj som urobila drobné úpravy v článku.

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