Ing. Oľga Chovancová

Ing. Oľga Chovancová

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Fuzzification Based on Fuzzy Mean Entropy with Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm


This paper presents the modified algorithm for fuzzification. Fuzzification is the transformation of input values into fuzzy sets using membership functions. We conducted experiments. The first experiment was comparing different values of entropy. The second experiment was comparing the number of intervals for attributes in Iris dataset. Results of experimental comparison of implemented algorithms had better results in the proposed algorithm.


discretization, entropy, fuzzification, fuzzy, linguistic values.


Chovancova, O.: ‚Fuzzification based on Fuzzy Mean Entropy with Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm‘, Proceedings of the MIST conference 2018, – [s.l.] (Nemecko) : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018. – ISBN 9781987603392. – ISBN 1987603397, s. [1-5]

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